Flags are great way to grab attention for an event or promotion. 


Trying to stand out on a busy business park or at crowded trade show or business event? If this is the case we we have a solution for your business. We have a range of cost effective flag solutions to make sure you will get the attention you deserve. 

Feather Flags

Looking for something eye-catching for your store or event?

Whether you’re promoting a sale or simply directing traffic towards your business, our BIG print small PRINT feather advertising flag are a great marketing tool to catch the attention of passing foot or vehicle traffic.

Similar to the teardrop flag, feather flags are large feather-shaped flags that are perfect for advertising your products and your business. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these custom feather banners are extremely easy to assemble using our durable pole system and premium base options.

If you want to advertise a targeted message to draw attention, then our stunning new BIG print small PRINT feather flag promotional banners are exactly what you need.

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Advertising Flags

Take advantage of your vertical space!

At BIG print small PRINT, our advertising flags are a fantastic way to promote your brand or your message.

Whether you need a branded flag for a business exhibition, a personalised flag for a local community event, or to use one as an advertisement for outside your shop — we’ve got the right option for you.

An outdoor advertising flag is extremely durable and versatile and are designed to suit organisations, shops, and businesses of all sizes.

Choosing the style of flag that works best for your advertising needs can depend on the type of marketing you plan to achieve – at BIG print small PRINT, we offer several flag solutions for advertising categories to suit a wide range of preferences and promotions.


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Advertising Flags


Perfect for highlighting your own brand, key partnerships, or your sponsorships!

Sometimes also known as pennant strings, bunting  can be an extremely cost-effective display solution for almost all types of retail displays, points of sale, or events.

Most often used for promotions and advertising, bunting banners can help you spread awareness of your own brand, or even bring in additional revenue by adding sponsor logos.

At BIG print small PRINT, we allow our customers the freedom to choose their own custom colours, designs, logos, text, and materials for their bunting flags – all produced to custom sizes including form cut designs.

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Teardrop Flags

Perfect for indoors or outdoors!

Teardrop flags – sometimes also commonly referred to as teardrop flag banners – are large teardrop-shaped flags equipped with custom printed designs.

These flags are perfectly suited for grand openings, sales, events, or for just letting people know that you’re open. When used outdoors, teardrop flags are made to wave in the wind – making them extremely eye-catching and helping to draw the attention of potential customers and other passers-by.

Our BIG print small PRINT teardrop flag solutions come in various sizes, are reinforced, and come with a selection of suitable bases depending on how you want to have them displayed.

Ready to finally make your message or branding noticeable?


Teardrop Flags
Custom Made tents for advertising
Custom Tents For Events

Ready-to-use custom tents or branded gazebos

For Events and Point of Sale Advertising.

 Easy to assemble and disassemble. 100% resistant aluminium structure. Height 6,07 ft. 

Fully customizable printed tent in all its parts.

You can add can doors and windows and we can brand the tent with company logos.

These custom made tents come in a range of sizes

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